Westport Community Gardens

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Welcome to the Westport Community Gardens

This starting blog is similar to the garden's soil in mid-May, new, untouched and waiting for the seeds and plants to start growing.

There has been much discourse about the rules and regulations that require the Westport Gardeners who want to garden during the school day to be required to have their names matched to the State Sex Offender Registry list. As of today, no gardeners will be allowed on school property during the day while school is in session. In conversation at an earlier meeting, a woman turned to me on the way out and asked, " Did you know we would part of a subversive group?" My response, " Who would have known that wanting to garden would become such an issue."

So, although the plots are almost ready for planting, I suspect the small group is getting ready, preparing for the final go-ahead, planning their plots, considering what will grow where, how much work is going to be required to amend the soils, how much shade the trees on the side will take from the day, and so on...

My work is in an office during the day, meeting & event planning, in my spare time, I write. I have been working on a TV Series, The Garden, yes, it's copyrighted and I have lots of people who want to contribute story lines or events they feel should be included. I've got plenty of story lines or experiences that I have already included and more yet to come, like when the slugs made a bee-line to the beer in a cup submerged in the ground, yes, they do seem to like it, so did the baby skunk! As time goes on I hope to add to this space and ask other gardeners to add their comments as well. There are going to be lots of questions including the state law,NO PESTICIDES on school grounds. Not a problem, most gardeners I know expect to be organic but what will happen if or when a major insect or disease invasion occurs? Time will tell :)

Mary Ann West